SMALL FOOT Doctor's Bag

التقيم :

239 ₪

الكميه :


  • A comprehensive play set comprised of a stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure gauge with pump ball, otoscope with magnifying glass, fabric mask, X-ray picture, salve tube, reflex hammer, medicine, syringe, tablet container, bandage, disinfection spray, vial, and other doctor's tools
  • The easy-to-understand illustrations on the tools give children hints as to their medical function
  • This fabric medical bag is ideal for playing when on-the-go and has easy-to-open grips made of natural wood held together with magnets
  • This doctor's set prepares children for visits to the doctor and playfully eases their fears
  • The doctor toys encourage active role play and promotes creative and imaginative play in children aged 3 years and up

With this standard doctor's bag, the young, aspiring medical practitioners are perfectly equipped! The bag made of soft fabric makes a great impression visually and functionally with its easy-to-open grips that are held closed with magnets and made of natural wood. The inside of the bag contains everything needed for pretend treatment: a stethoscope, a thermometer, a toy syringe, and much more - all made of robust wood! The highlights are the blood pressure gauge with a pump ball and the otoscope with a real magnifying glass.

AGE3 years +