JANOD 10 Piece Ultra Cute Animals Round Stacking Pyramid

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This toy is all about building the tallest tower you can - and then knocking it down again! Little kids will absolutely love it! They will have hours of fun practicing stacking and building using this pretty cardboard pyramid, which is perfect for kids aged 12 months and over. They’ll have a great time stacking the 10 pieces, starting with the largest and building up to the smallest to make a magnificent, pastel-colored tower. And what’s more, the ultra-cute pictures on each piece, featuring penguins, jaguars, bears, and elephants, are bound to melt baby’s heart, too! The pieces are also numbered from 1 to 10 to help the baby start learning to count. As baby has fun building, stacking, and immersing themselves in a beautiful world of their own, they will develop their motor skills and imagination.


  • EARLY-YEARS PYRAMID: these 10 cardboard cubes are designed for children from the age of one. They challenge babies to build a charming ten-story pyramid using the different animals in the set
  • SIMPLE BUT VERY EDUCATIONAL: this early-years toy allows babies to stack and build blocks to their heart’s content, developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and sense of balance in the process (babies will have to stand up to reach the top of the 35-inch pyramid). It also gives baby the chance to start developing their language skills as they learn the names of the animals and where they live, as well as to tackle the concepts of numbers and size for the first time since the cubes are numbered from one to 10, depending on the size of the animal shown on each one
  • SUITABLE FOR THE LITTLEST ONES: the cubes are of different sizes and made of cardboard that is both thick and lightweight, which is ideal for small hands and very easy to handle. The soft-colored illustrations that showcase different scenes of adorable animals will appeal to toddlers, who will be able to give free rein to their imagination and invent stories featuring joyful companions
  • CHARACTERISTICS: contains 10 cardboard cubes to stack. Dimensions of the mounted pyramid: length 5.3 inches x Width 5.3 inches x Height 34.5 inches. Material(s) used : cardboard. Recommended age range: from 12 to 36 months old
  • DESIGNED IN FRANCE: JANOD toys are developed in the Jura region of France, paying special attention to the materials used, style and colors. Our products are original, bold, educational and thoughtful toys and games designed to support your children in their development and to build their cognitive, fine motor, and social skills

AGE1 years +