HEADU Progressive Puzzle (Set of 8)

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79 ₪

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The Headu Progressive Puzzle is a set of 8 Jigsaw puzzles that provide growing learners with a seamless cognitive development journey as they progress from one level of puzzle piecing to the next.

Puzzle Box contains a pair of 2pc, 3pc, 4pc, and 5pc puzzles each, all centering around the farm theme. Each puzzle piece is self-correcting, which encourages first steps into independent play. Extend play value by identifying the different animals, describing them in detail (e.g. floppy ears, long tail, woolly body, etc.), and dishing out fun information about each of them. 


  • Memory
  • Visual observation
  • Patience & focus
  • Language building
  • Spatial awareness
  • Sorting and classification skills

AGE2 years +