Construction Set "Miniwob" Small Foot

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99 ₪

98 ₪

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  • This construction set has ample accessories, including perforations, threaded cubes, screws, and wooden discs as well as screwdrivers and a wrench
  • This construction toy promotes the development of children's creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills.
  • Diverse play possibilities on a compact surface and for when you're on-the-go
  • Manual skills will be trained while building your own unique, three-dimensional constructions.
  • The complete set comes in workshop-typical colours and has cute, child-friendly illustrations to inspire children's imaginations

The perfect creative toy for young, aspiring mechanics! With this wooden construction kit, young tinkerers can express themselves creatively and make their own unique constructions. With perforations, threaded cubes, screws, wooden discs, and nuts, they can practice their three-dimensional building, and all the parts can be properly assembled with the wrench and screwdriver. Whether it's a tractor, a plane, or a pony - when operating screws and inserting elements, there's no limit to creativity. The entire set can be sorted and properly stored in the included box.

AGE2 years +, 3 years +