Compact Workbench "Miniwob" Small Foot

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269 ₪

249 ₪

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  • This workshop set has plenty of accessories such as a saw, a wrench, a hammer, a spring clamp, perforations, screws, nuts, and nails
  • The workbench promotes active role-playing in children and trains their manual skills on a small play surface
  • Children can even help out with the assembly of the workbench since it can be built with the children's tools
  • The tools and accessory parts have dedicated storage spaces that provide order on the workspace
  • This compact workbench for children and the children's tools are designed with workshop-typical colours and cute, child-friendly illustrations that inspire children's imaginations

There's a lot going on in the children's workshop! With this compact workbench in classic workshop colours and with lots of visible wood, kids can put their crafting skills to the test on a small play surface while turning, sawing, and turning screws. The unobtrusive illustrations of the busy "miniwobs" will inspire children's imaginations and desire to play while motivating them to craft and tinker. And there's a special highlight: children can help out with the assembly of this workbench! The tools and accessory parts can be stored in a way that saves space and leaves them readily available. Incl. 5 wooden tools and comprehensive accessories.

AGE2 years +, 3 years +