JANOD Sweet Cocoon Stacking Stones (Set of 20)

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239 ₪

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Discover a magnificent manipulation toy that gives free rein to the imagination of children aged 2 years and up! This game consists of 20 wooden stones with different shapes and cuts. They are also available in various colors and meld perfectly, thanks to their extremely soft pastel tone. By stacking these 20 lightweight wooden stones, your child will learn about construction and balance. They can follow their own instincts, assemble and combine each element as they see fit to try out their own experiments, or even see how high they can go! Size of the large stones: 12 x 2.5 x 6 cm. Height of the small stones: 3.5 cm - which makes them perfect for children to hold. This wooden toy is part of the Sweet Cocoon collection; a delicate-colored range inspired by the current trends to sweetly promote your child's early learning experiences!


  • By using these 20 light wooden stones, your child will discover construction and balance.
  • Colorful and original Toys, designed for children’s development through play.
  • This wooden toy is part of the Sweet Cocoon collection, a delicate colors range, inspired by current trends to gently accompany your child's first learnings!
  • Material(s): Wood (pine)

AGE2 years +